Sunday, May 24, 2009

Martins Cove 5/24/09

Howdy Folks,

The prime message for the week is food, food, and more food. It has been a week of Pot-Lucks. Everytime we turn around someone was holding a Pot-Luck dinner, and can these senior citizens cook. Each lovely little Sister has her own favorite homemade recipe and is more than willing to share them with us, and they are definitely not diet food. I had the mistaken idea that because of all the exercise I was getting I would firm up and lose a little weight, NOT!

I am still working on the water and sprinkler system, (its grown to about 4 acres now) and I just placed a 500 gal. settling tank in position. I knew from experience we were going to need some sort of tank to catch the sand and silt from the creek, but could'nt find one big enough at the center. Sister Leavitt and I visited a place commonly referred to as the "Prairie Wal-Mart" which is a junk yard out in the middle of no where, and discovered this used propane tank which was in good condition. It was just the right size (according to my calculations), so I had some of the Elders load it up and bring it to the visitors center. Fortunately we have everything we need in the way of tools and equipment to build or repair anything. Everyone was afraid I would blow myself up by cutting and welding on an old propane tank, but I fooled them by filling it with water first and denied them the thrill.

I would like to thank our family and friends for the emails and letters, they really make us feel loved. I would personally like to thank my sister Myrn for her special letter. It meant a lot. Congratulations to Olivia and Parker on their school program, they really look cute. Congratulations to Conner on receiving the Presidents Education Award. Grandma and Grandpa are extremely proud of all our children and grandchildren. Thanks to Mark Fastow for forwarding our health products. Thanks to Kelor and Diane for being there for us. Thanks to Chris and Leanna for holding down the fort. And thanks to all of you for your prayers on our behalf.

On our P-Day (day off) Sister Leavitt and I drove up to Riverton and Lander. Riverton is just an average little Wyoming town, with a Wal-Mart, but Lander is a beautiful little western town set in beautiful green valley with the Wind River Mountains as a back drop. It kind of reminds me of a small scale Sheridan, Wyoming, which we visited last summer and loved. We'll have to go back to Lander when we can spend more time. We saw a cute poster in Lander titled "rush hour in Lander" showing about 200 head of cattle being driven up the main street. My kind of place!

We still continue to hear more stories of spiritual experiences had by those who visit this special site. There is no doubt that the pioneers who suffered and died along this trail are anxious to have people know of their sacrifice and suffering. Too many testimonials of people from all walks of life to be coincidental.

We love you all, and would like to thank Lanita (Pete) my cousin, and Rose Woodbury our good friend, and the many others who share our emails with family and friends. We're looking forward to visiting with Pete and some of her sisters this week. I love my companion and Sunday is always a good day!

Love Elder Leavitt

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