Monday, July 6, 2009


Hello again Family and Friends,
greetings from the Cove this 4th of July weekend, This has been a week of events. First on Monday night we hosted a pancake supper ( strange huh) on Monday night, this was our contribution to Family Home Evening. I cooked pancakes on an outside griddle for about 25 or 30 couples. It turned out to be allot of fun. Even though I haven't cooked pancakes in about 40 years, I was throwing pancakes in every direction. After the dinner there was square dancing, but I had to sit it out as I began feeling very tired and my chest was feeling congested. That night I was having trouble getting my breath and had to get up and sit in a chair most of the night. I knew I was having a severe asthma attack and so I started searching for my rescue medication. It has been so long since I have had a severe attack that I found I had allowed my medicine to expire last fall and it didn't seem to work. I was trying to stay calm and not panic, but when you can't get your breath it's not easy. I thought I might have to wake Sister Leavitt to take me to the hospital so they could put me on oxygen. Finally I found an old rescue inhaler that seemed to help a little. The next day I stayed home and rested, but I still had a hard time breathing. Sister Leavitt went into work and was going to call my Doctor to get another prescription for Albuterol. As it turned out the Doctor was on vacation. Great luck huh! Later I received a Priesthood blessing and prayed for rain ( the week had been very hot and dry) to knock down all the pollen that has been in the air and might be causing my attack. That night it rained hard and I slept like a baby. I have been feeling fine ever since. We are still trying to get my prescriptions refilled, but thankfully it has been raining some everyday. This week I have been working on about 1000 ft of irrigation ditch.The ranch wants it lined with plastic because its leaking badly and water is running across the road and flooding the handcart storage area. The ditch hasn't been cleaned in many years and was completely overgrown with brush and trees. The ranch wanted it fixed because it waters a large pasture next to Devil's Gate, that impressive natural cut through the mountain where the Sweetwater runs. I now have it cleaned out and have put a nice access roadway next to it. We should have the project finished by next week. Sister Leavitt put on a great barbeque on Friday and invited all our neighbors. It was supposed to be to introduce them to our good friend Maria Heaton and her family who were coming to visit. But, they got lost on a side trip to Nebraska and didn't make it until the next day. Consequently, we had a great party with the neighbors' anyway. Everyday we hear of, or witness spiritual experiences here at Martin's Cove. This is such a sacred and amazing place to serve. There's no doubt the spirits of those pioneers who suffered and died here want their lives and experiences to be remembered. This past week many of the Missionaries have had family visit for the holidays, it really makes us homesick for our family. Hopefully some of them will be able to visit us this summer. We love and miss you all, Elder Leavitt
Hi Everyone -- I don't have much to add to Elder Leavitt's report other than he says the weather has been good for his allergies but it's not good for entertaining or being outside. The night of our BBQ were we all huddled out side with our winter coats on. In fact, I had on a sweat shirt, a wind breaker and a parka ! We ended up inside the motor home to visit as it was so cold outside. We had a great time w/ Maria. It was so fun to share our excitement about being here w/ someone from home. Again, the only downside was the weather. We were going to watch the fireworks over Alcova Lake but it was pouring rain, so we just came home. This upcoming week, we are going to Pinedale for the Green River Rendezvous. We were hoping to see the pageant but just found out this past week it is on Sunday and we were planning on coming back Saturday night. However, they have all kinds of other activities planned the week before so we are going up to visit friends and enjoy the festivities that are available. We enjoyed a beautiful evening w/friends tonight around a campfire making apple pies --out of bread and pie filling w/ a little contraption that looks like a sandwich maker. They were really yummy. We watched a full moon coming up over the trees -- it was just gorgeous. We deserved this beautiful evening after all the rain and wind. Well, we need to get to bed--morning comes early when you're as busy as we are. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Love, Sister Leavitt

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