Monday, August 31, 2009


Hi again family and friends,

Well another week has passed and we are now officially Polar Bears, the name for those who are asked to stay the winter at Martin's Cove. It was announced in church today who would stay for the winter and what positions would be assigned for next year. I was called again to be over roads and trails and in charge of heavy equipment. I'm going to have to learn how to plow snow, lot's of snow. Sister Leavitt has been called to schedule the trek groups, a big job, and of course, work again in the office. I can't say I am excited about staying because I have not experienced severe winters and don't know how my body will react. But at least we have a warm place to live, plenty to eat, and warm clothes to wear,unlike the Martin Company which suffered unimaginable hardships caused by sub-zero temperatures, starvation and inadequate clothing, not to mention walking 10 to 20 miles a day on a wet, slippery, muddy or snow covered trails. So I guess I should count my blessings. Which have been many!

On the afternoon before and on our day off we traveled up to Devil's Tower, the first National Monument in the US. What a spectacular site! The pictures and movies I have seen (Close Encounters) do not do it justice, you have to be there in person to really appreciate it's majesty. We saw rock climbers, which looked like ants trying to scale it's sides, but the ones we saw weren't making much progress. From our vantage point it appeared to be impossible though we know it's been done.

We were saddened to hear to the passing of our good friend Karolyn Stewart. She was a great, talented and fun lady and will be missed by all that knew her. We would like to send our sympathies to her family.

I would like to express my love and affection to all my brothers and sisters and their families, you are the best. Would someone let me know how my beautiful sister Irene is doing, and also my friend and brother-in-law Bill Conger. Our family means allot to us, and we pray for them daily. We also want our friends to know that we pray for them daily.

Today we had a 60 year old man speak to us about his on-going one man handcart trek from Iowa City to Salt Lake City to honor his great-great grandmother who in 1856 as a widow pulled her own handcart along with six children, (the oldest being 12) He believed she was the first known handcart to arrive in the Salt Lake valley. Because she arrived one day ahead of all the other handcarts in her company no one was expecting her, so he didn't feel she received her deserved recognition. This man felt it his duty to honor her accomplishment with this trek expected to take 4 months. When he arrived at the Cove, though he started in great shape, he had lost 40 lbs. I love my ancestors, but that's a little over the top for me.

Well, family and friends until next week, adios.

To my kids, daughters-in-laws and grandkids, along with my wife you are the lights of my life. May the Lord watch over you until we're together again.

Love Elder Leavitt

Hi everyone -- I've attached a picture of us that was taken at the base of Devil's Tower. We really had a fun day !

I don't have much to add this week -- I promised you a shorter email this week after the very lengthy one we sent last time. I just want to add my voice to Charlie's about the sadness we feel about the passing of Karolyn -- she was a good friend for many years.

I have been thinking today of the irony of my being a person who hates cold weather and am very computer challenged and I'll be spending the winter in WYOMING on a computer -- the Lord does have a sense of humor !

Already the trees in Wyoming are tinged with a hint of gold -- autumn is right around the corner.

Love and miss you all,


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