Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hi Family and Friends,

Well another great week and another day closer to seeing some of you. This has been a week of training trek leaders for their next year treks. It has been a lot of fun having people from all over come to learn about how to have a successful trek experience. Each of the missionaries were given a number of responsibilities to help make the seminar work smoothly. I was given responsibly to help with the parking of many cars. It reminded me of the old days on the Las Vegas Strip. I also drove a cart and helped shuttle the stragglers who were having a hard time keeping up with the rest of the group, especially some of the older trek leaders. Sister Leavitt helped with registration. She also worked the days and weeks before preparing all the packet information for the Trek Leaders. This coming week we will have one more seminar and then the rush will be over for another year. We will still have visitors coming, but not in the hundreds like we saw in the summer months. Mostly we will be getting the site ready for winter and saying goodbye to all the missionaries who won't be staying the winter, which is the vast majority of them.

Last week we were privileged to have Peggy's sister Elsie and husband Barney up to visit with us on their way back from Michigan to Las Vegas. It was a great visit and I really think they enjoyed getting to visit the Cove and hear the pioneer stories while learning more about the immigration trail. It was sure fun getting to see them and catch up on what was happening in their lives. We also had the chance to do a little touring, which included a drive up to the old gold mining town of Atlantic City and have a great lunch, then to Lander and the famous Sinks State Park. We are always amazed at the variety of natural attractions that Wyoming has to offer.

This week Mo and Barbara ( Peggy's Brother-in-law, who was married to her sister Carola before she passed away) will be visiting us. They are from Sheridan, Wyo. and are such a fun and talented couple. We are looking forward to spending a couple of days with them. Tuesday night we are having a talent show here at the Cove and maybe we can talk Mo and Barbara into sharing their musical talents with us.

Happy Birthday to Al Muncy who along with Jo are two of our very best friends. My birthday gift to you Al, is 3 strokes next time we play golf. And that's a generous gift considering I haven't played and you are playing almost everyday. But, I love a challenge!

Happy Birthday to Roy Wilson (on Wednesday) who along with his sweet Bonnie are also two of our very best friends. You guys are so generous and we love you dearly.

We received an exciting email the other day from cousin Judy and husband Glade Bailey. They said they are considering serving here at Martin's Cove next year. If they can work it out we would just love it. That would bring the number to at least 3 couples who we know from back home who would be serving with us next year.

You can tell that fall is in the air, not only because the weather is cooling off, but the antelope and deer are beginning to congregate in the Sweet Water Valley. We are starting to see herds of them everywhere.

To our children and grandchildren, we love you very much and look forward to seeing you in about 3 weeks. You are the light of our lives!

May the Lord Bless all of our family and friends until we meet again. Elder Leavitt

Hi everyone -- I don't have much to add, as usual. I'll attach a picture of Elsie and me that was taken in Atlantic City. The other picture is a photo of a poster I saw in Lander. I thought it was so funny and appropriate for Wyoming. We loved having Elsie and Barney and Elsie and I did what we Rowland girls like to do -- we talked and talked -- it was so much fun getting all caught up.

The Trek Seminars were amazing -- so much work to prepare, but so worth it. It was a spiritual feast for 2 days. We had approximate 170 people here and will have that many or more next week.

I'm also in charge of a Talent Show this week on Tuesday night. We will have both performance-type talent and talents that will be displayed. I've been talking like crazy to get the men involved -- for instance, we have a man here who has killed 8 or 9 rattle snakes and has made hat bands and covered his walking stick with rattle snake skins. I think people would love seeing them -- as least the folks here would :)

Also, looking forward to seeing Mo and Barbara tomorrow -- we're a little unsure what time they'll arrive as their internet is not working and our phone rarely works -- typical of living here :)

That's all for this week -- as Charlie said, we'll soon be packing up to move stuff to our apartment. Hard to believe the summer is almost over.

Love, Peggy

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