Sunday, December 20, 2009


Merry Christmas family and friends,

This past week has been anything but merry for Sister Leavitt. Some how she came down with a serious case of shingles. For those of you who may not be familiar with this particular disease, it is a virus which usually manifests itself with a blister type rash and can be very painful. Not only do you experience excruciating pain where the rash is, but also in other parts of the body. Sister Leavitt was in so much pain, I thought I was going to have to shoot her to save her life. Fortunately we got her into a doctor in Casper who prescribed some anti-viral medication which seems to be helping. Albeit, she spent most of the week in bed. Today, Sunday, is the second time she has ventured out of the apartment this week. She attended all of her Church meetings and our Sunday pot-luck, so I think she is on the mend. The other time she ventured out was Friday to attend our Christmas program put on by President Lorimer's brother and sister-in-law. Brother Lorimer is an accomplished baritone and entertained us with beautiful Christmas music. He was accompanied on the piano by his wife who is a concert pianist. The rest of the Christmas program was narrated by Elder Bretzing our Farmland Reserve director from Salt Lake. The Bretzings drove 350 miles just to take part in our program. After the program we had a sumptuous dinner. We also had about 15 guests. Some missionary couples from Casper, our High Council Representative and his wife, a rancher and a saloon owner from over by the Willie Center, Tina Sun and one of her ranch hands from the Sun Ranch, ( the largest ranch in Wyoming on which Martin's Cove Visitors Center used to sit ) the Singh family, an Indian (India) family who live in Rawlins and are investigating the Church. Sister Leavitt was in a lot of pain, but she loves any kind of musical performance, especially Christmas, and could not resist. We know and feel that all of your continuing prayers on our behalf have helped.

My week has been pretty much the same, installed a couple of more air hose reels in the woodshop, serviced the heavy equipment, loaded and hauled gravel to the Cherry Creek Campground. Fortunately the ground is not frozen solid so I'm still able to dig gravel out of the pit. Actually the weather has been fairly warm for Wyoming. (the mid-thirties) The only downside is the wind. When it blows, which is most of the time, the thirties feel like the low teens, but if you dress for it, the weather has been fairly tolerable.

We are really going to miss our children and grandchildren this Christmas. This is the first time in many years we have not been able to celebrate the Christmas season with them. We want our family and all of our friends to know how much we love and appreciate you and what you mean to us.

May the Lord bless and keep you safe this Holiday Season!
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah!

Elder and Sister Leavitt aka Peggy and Charlie

PS Conner, Garrett, Olivia, Wyatt, Tommy, Parker, Preston, Delaney, Rory, and Isabella. Grandma and Grandpa hope you have the best Christmas ever!

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