Sunday, February 28, 2010


Good Sabbath to our dear family and friends,

We are so lucky to have such dear friends who keep us informed and up to date and especially for your uplifting support as we try to serve the Lord on these high plains of Wyoming.

Thanks again to cousin Laura Hauck for that impressive article in the Meridian Magazine. Isn't it great to have relatives in "high places." Although this was a flattering article we know our service does not come close to comparing other missionary service in the family. For example; Laura and her husband's service. I recall the time when they were serving a mission in Africa and were held at gunpoint by rebels. And again, we can't hold a candle to cousins Marv and Sue Leavitt who are serving their second mission to Africa. Some of their experiences have been right out of a comedy/horror novel. I don't think Sister Leavitt would survive the primitive nature of these missions. But, we bloom where we are planted, even if it requires living a millennial existence and regularly eating ourselves silly.

This has been a week of ditch digging for me. When I was a young man my dad used to warn me, that if I didn't take a more serious interest in school, that I would end up digging ditches for a living. Well, daddy knew best because that is exactly what I ended up doing for a living. Now that I am retired and serving a mission I'm still digging. This week I have been cleaning the irrigation ditch which brings water from the creek to a 12" pipe which feeds our sprinkler system and also waters the meadow located down by Devil's Gate. Since last summer I have wanted to make improvements along this ditch, but it was not possible due to the fact that during the warm weather the meadow through which it runs is like a swamp and the equipment would get stuck. During the winter the ground is frozen so there is not the problem of getting stuck, but there is a problem digging in the frozen ground. Oh well! At least when I'm finished the water will flow freely down the ditch for a number of years and during this process I'll be building up a roadway along the ditch which will allow easy access out to the diversion dam year round.

The next project on my schedule is to remove two large trees next to the pavilion out at Missionary Village. This is being done in preparation for an expansion of the pavilion. It is planned to enlarge the pavilion by about a third and add some restrooms. Those of you who were here last year know that we were pretty cramped in the pavilion at times. We are also scheduled to expand the Humanitarian Center by about 30' and add some more restrooms at that location. These restrooms will not only accommodate the Humanitarian Center but will also serve the Chapel. A much needed improvement!

Today both Sister Leavitt and I had the opportunity to teach lessons. She taught in Relief Society, and I taught Priesthood. We both used the same subject of God's Love and Law. The main point of the lessons is that our Father in Heaven loves us without equal, but His love does not supersede His laws and commandments. One of His eternal laws is that we all have our agency in this life to do as we please. But, if we willingly and knowingly break His laws we must sooner or later suffer the consequences of our actions.
God's choicest blessings are clearly contingent upon obedience to God's laws and commandments and are clearly laid out in (D&C 130:20-21) which states "There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated. And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated."
God does bless all mankind with universal blessings such as mortal life and all the opportunities and necessities to live it. (Anyone denied this opportunity because of someone else's actions will be compensated by the Lord.) Through the resurrection of our Savior we are all given the opportunity to live in the hereafter, but those choicest blessings of Exaltation (continued increase, progression and family relationships ) are reserved for those who choose to keep His Commandments.

We love you all and pray for your welfare,
Elder Leavitt

Hi Everyone -- seems like last week we were excited about the snow and this week the sun has come out. It was probably in the 40's today - it really felt warm. The snow is melting and it was a gorgeous day.

For Family Home Evening this week. we all shared how we have grown and have been changed by this Missionary experience. As well as we all know each other, we learned something new about one another. I think what impressed me the most was that we universally felt insecure and inadequate in some way when we initially arrived -- overwhelmed at what we had to learn and by the assignments that we were given. However, we all got out of our comfort zones and learned new skills, worked hard, and in turn, have been blessed immensely.

We continue to work hard in the office to be prepared for the new missionaries who will be here soon. We are using reams of paper as we make copies for new script books, manuals, and trek information. I've learned a couple of new skills in the office -- how to make spiral notebooks and how to make a chart or graph on the computer. I know for most of you, this is elementary, but for me, it was a big step -- yea for me !! :) I also had the joy of talking to a couple of friends from home who have been assigned to work on the Henderson Stake trek in 2011 -- I visited with Donlee Simkins and Brenda Larson who are already busy making arrangements for a trek that will be over a year from now. We also learned that our former Bishop, Earl Leavitt will be a Trek Leader for the same trek. We were thrilled to learn that and know he will do an outstanding job.

I enjoyed another hour plus conversation with my sister, Kathy this week -- again, we talked until the battery on the phone went dead. We were planning what we'll be doing next summer. We're excited that Kathy will be coming to Martin's Cove -- we also will visit Pinedale along with my other sister, Elsie so lots of fun things in the works.

We've enjoyed watching the Winter Olympics this past week -- I know our Canadian friends are excited about the result of the hockey game.:)

You will not hear from us this next weekend -- we are going to Denver to see my sister, Helen, and brother, John and to also attend the Denver Temple. We're looking forward to the excursion and will return with stories to tell you.

My thanks, too, to Laura Hauck for the article in the Meridian Magazine. I don't think I've met Laura (maybe at a family reunion years ago), but I'm looking forward to meeting her and hearing about her Missionary experiences. We have had so many positive responses from the article so more and more people are learning about this amazing and spiritual site where we work.

A shout out to our friend, Bonnie Wilson, who will be celebrating her birthday on Wednesday. We love you and have a great one !

Our love and prayers to you all,

Sister Leavitt aka Peggy

P.S. I have attached a picture that I took along the road to Casper on our day off -- as Elder Leavitt said last week, snow can be beautiful.

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