Thursday, August 5, 2010

CAMERON - My week. A story from the mission field.

Last monday we had a cool FHE at a members house. I learned my companion is actually a pretty good actor cause at one point he pretened to cry. then On tuesday He was sick so i was stuck at home all day. That was really tough and i was looking forward to zone conference the next day and getting to work again. So the next morning we had Zone conference. I learned there that i was having an exchange with the district leader that day. After we had to go to my house to pick up some extra clothes which is like an hour drive then back to Tarlac which is another Hour then to his area which was about half an hour. By the time we got to his area it was nearly 7. And raining cats, frogs, and dogs. we didnt get much done there. so the next day i got to go back to my area and i really wanted to work. but My companion was still sick. then he was sick on friday too. Those were some of the longest days ever. BUt i did get to work on saturday. tHat was really great. I didnt realize how thankful i was to leave the house everyday. When there is nothing to do at our house it can be pretty boring. So then yesterday was church. Our chruch time changed, Its a long story why but the attendance was pretty low because of that. then we got invited to a members house later that night for a party and we were going to share a message. so that was pretty fun but i was fasting so all the food they offered me was kinda depressing. then we went home and i got to sleep. for p day this morning we went to a park and played dodge ball. then we went to the mall and i bought stuff to make my birthday sweet. I also bought some filipino fighting sticks. OUCH!!!! me and the other american in my house both have padded sticks but it still hurts to get hit. I have a huge bruise on my arm. so that was pretty much my week in short. I hope you enjoyed It

Love you

Elder Leavitt

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