Monday, August 9, 2010

Howdy Family and Friends,

Well, this week was a little quieter than the last few. We still had a lot of trekkers, but not the onslaught as in weeks past. There are still plenty of projects that need to be accomplished before we all head home, but now we'll have quite a few more bodies to help with the physical work. The Humanitarian Center needs to be finished up on the inside, but they have really done a great job of matching the outside up with the existing building. The Pavilion expansion also needs to be finished up on the inside. I, personally, want to finish working on the baptismal area of the Sweetwater River, now that the water has receded, so that it will a little easier to get the kids in and out. We wouldn't want any of the newest members of the church washing down the river. Most of the projects on my (bucket) list are now completed, so I'm pretty well relaxed.

We're all anxiously awaiting to find out who the next Polar Bears will be and who the new leaders are. Hopefully we'll know in the next few weeks, ( Maybe)

Saturday this year's Polar Bears and a few other received an invitation to go the 2nd annual Pathfinder Days at the Pathfinder Ranch located just a few miles east of the Cove. They really put on a great show with a multi-event rodeo which includes events for all ages. They also had everything you could possibly want to eat or drink all day long. With a wonderful Rib Eye Steak Fry at night. They also had a great Country/Western band. Every person, young or old who won an event, whether it be egg tossing or calf roping won a beautiful silver Pathfinder buckle. They also raffled off beautiful saddles, a western Colt 45, and a 500 dollar gift certificate, with all proceeds to benefit the local 4H program. The owners of the ranch must spend a fortune every year to put on this event for all the local ranches, and their cowboys and cowgirls. The youngest competitors looked to be about 4 years old, but they were tough little cowpokes. We really appreciated the opportunity to attend.

Our good friend Maria Heaton from Boulder City was here to see us and we had a great visit. We took her up to Thermopolis to see the Dinosaur Museum and she also attend the Pathfinder Days with us.

This next week our some of our children and grandchildren, Chris and Leanna and kids, will be coming up and we can hardly wait. The hardest thing about serving is missing our family.

We love you all, and will see some of you soon!

Elder Leavitt

Howdy from me as well,

Maria said that when we were at the Pathfinder's Days that she had never seen so many "real" cowboys in one place before :) The cowboys in Wyoming are the real deal -- that's for sure.

I just received a call from Maria and her flight has been delayed 3 hours -- I wish I was with her at the airport so we could visit and the time would fly by (pardon the pun) because when we're talking we lose all track of time. It really makes me feel bad that she is stuck at the airport as she missed our band practice tonight that was especially fun. We all got to pick our favorite songs so we did lots of new ones and it was great.

Tomorrow night we get to attend a concert by Kevin McNiven -- another real cowboy who lives in Lander and sings amazing "western" music. We have one of his CD's that we play every time we go to Casper. It features his rendition of "Wyoming -- it's Home Sweet Home to me", has become like a national anthem to me. I don't think any of the Missionaries can listen to it after they leave and not tear up as we really come to love Wyoming after having lived here.

Not much else to report this week -- I had a very special and spiritual experience w/ Maria up at the Cove. Our friends, the Emlings were on post up there, so we loved hearing them tell the pioneer stories. We also met a couple who were dating -- both recovering from recent divorces. It was wonderful to see how both of them were able to gain strength from the example of the pioneers to face the challenges they have ahead of them. These valiant and courageous pioneers continue to change lives.

Our love and prayers to you all,

Sister Leavitt

P.S. Attaching a picture of Maria and Charlie at the dinosaur museum.

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