Monday, March 22, 2010

CAMERON 3/22/10

Ang Sarap ng Balita

Well, it has been another great week here. We had our zone conference here this week. Elder Ko of the seventy taught us the secrets of missionary work, or at least some really cool stuff about it. I also got a sweet comment from the mission presidents wife that i am looking really good lately. but she also said mom that she doesnt want you thinking that i am being deprived
here. so mom im not being deprived here. I also hit another great milestone this last week. but i
have a story about it so ...... travel with me down memory lane. (swirly twirly music and a spinning motion as we enter the past)

It was a sunny friday afternoon. Earlier in the day we had done our weekly planning. I made some delicious rice and food from a can for lunch. Afterwards I thought to myself, "self wouldnt a quick nap be really great right now since you have an hour until you need to get to work for the day." so i took a rather delightful nap even though it was a really hot after noon. and my house heats up like an oven. about ten minutes before i needed to get up and get changed I awoke with a slight pain in my abdomen. "Nothing big just need to work with the pain," says I to myself. Ten minutes later I was wandering around the house unsure what to do. The pain had grown and
grown until I was in fear of passing out from this pain in my stomach. I wandered outside trying to figure out what my body was about to do when suddenly I felt it happening. I think of you know what is happening here. I hurried over to a wall and was able to shortly stare my lunch
in the face. ( that is my milestone by the way. First time puking in a foreign country.) anyways long story short. I still went out and worked that day even though i still felt terrible inside. After a few hours I didnt think my body could do the twenty minute walk to our next appointment. So my ward mission leader who is only 19 threw my arm over his shoulder and I was able to half
walk half be carried to our next appointment. It was pretty sweet seeing his love for this work and not wanting it to be stopped because my physical body didnt want to. He knew that the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. (Matthew 26:41) any ways that really stuck out to me
how great this work is that one person not feeling good cant stand in the way of Our Heavenly Father's great plan for all of his children.

well i hope you guys have a great week. i love you all.


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