Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hi Everyone !

Elder Leavitt put his foot down and said that I had to start out the email this week. We had the Visitor's Center this afternoon and he had several visitors (I stayed home and let him handle it) so he decided since I was "loafing around", I should start the email.

We were prepared for Spring -- temp's in the 50's, the birds singing, and a warm breeze blowing. However, we woke up to snow this morning and the wind howling -- I took a picture of the gate coming into Martin's Cove today after Church so it gives you an idea of what it looked like. We are told, despite the cold temp's today, that it will be back in the 50's this week.

We had a wonderful visit in Denver -- the drive down was a little scary as the roads were the worst we have driven on. Between Rawlins and Cheyenne they were icy and very snowy but they were not closed -- we heard they were the following day. It seemed like the minute we crossed the state line into Colorado, the weather was beautiful and we enjoyed mild temps the entire time we were there.

Charlie and I went to the Temple Saturday morning and enjoyed that lovely Temple. (see attached) It was really busy and we had a hard time finding a place to park -- I think they had 3 weddings that morning. We saw a new bride outside getting her picture taken and eventho the weather was nice, I was impressed that she wasn't wearing a coat -- it was still chilly. However, we've discovered here in Wyoming, and I'm sure it's true in Colorado, that when we still need coats we see kids walking around in shorts and T-shirts.

While in Denver, we were able to visit my sister, Helen, and brother, John, and their families. We had a great time and I really appreciated the opportunity to get caught up on what is going on in their lives. I was able to bring a little piece of my family back with me as my sister-in-law, Karole, gave me a painting of antelope with the Wind River Mtns. in the background, that my mother had hanging on her wall for many years. I had coveted that painting as we are in the perfect country for the painting and I wanted it hanging on "my" wall. When I mentioned it, Karole was gracious enough to part with it so it's now in our apartment and feeling very much at home with us :)

We were also able to work in a quick visit, with Sandy Strack, who is a childhood friend --she lived down the street from me when we were growing up in Pinedale. Again, we had a wonderful visit and were so happy to see her and her husband, Art.

As for news around here -- still busy, busy getting ready for the Missionaries. It will be just a few weeks before the 2nd year missionaries arrive -- what a reunion that will be ! I think they will be impressed with all the work the missionaries have accomplished this Winter.

The new couple who will be managing the Ranch associated w/ Martin's Cove arrived yesterday. They are a cute young couple with a darling little 18 month old boy. All the Sister missionaries are going crazy over having a baby here -- they'll have plenty of baby-sitters, that's for sure :)

The other picture that I'm attaching is one I took of Elder Leavitt after he had transplanted a pine tree. He's had an eventful week, so I'll let him tell you about it -- just suffice it to say, I had my laundry challenges this week.

We want to wish our son Chris, a Happy Birthday on the 20th ! When his birthday rolls around each year, it always brings back a flood of memories as he celebrates his birthday the same week we celebrate our anniversary. He just turned 13 when we got married so I'm not going to tell you how old he is by telling you how many years we have been married. Happy Birthday, son -- we love you !

That's it for me -- it's Charlie's turn :

Hi Folks,

I think Sister Leavitt did an exceptional job covering all the basic information so there's not much I can add. I have been excavating at east end of the Humanitarian Center this week preparing for a 34 foot expansion. While I was working in that location, I took the opportunity to dig up a leaking water hydrant by trenching down about 7 feet. While I was repairing the hydrant Elder Warr walked by just as the trench caved in covering my legs. I think it scared him a little, but even though I couldn't pull my legs out, being an old ditch digger I knew that all I had to do was dig around my legs by hand to free them. The ground on top was frozen down about a foot, but the water leak had softened the lower ground making it pretty unstable. (as an experienced excavating contractor I should have noticed) Anyway I got the hydrant fixed and while the trench was open I was able to add a water connection for the new restrooms that we will be adding to the new expansion. Last week I had the opportunity to build a much needed roadway across Cherry Creek. During the trek season the trekkers have often had to detour about a 1/4 mile up to the old highway and around to get across the creek. With this new roadway, and with the culvert we're installing to carry the water under the new roadway, the trekkers can leave Cherry Creek Campground and head straight out onto the original Pioneer Trail on their way to Jackson Campground.

I would like to thank my nephew Lorin Leavitt for sending me a re-supply of Pro-Arginine on a moments notice, my arteries were beginning to plug up because I had been out for about 3 weeks. Thanks tons, I'm back in tip top shape. Hug Dianne and give Conner and Dillon a high five for me!

The Lord loves Martin's Cove and so do we. The Spirit is very strong here and the veil between heaven and earth is very thin. We feel it a blessing and a privilege to serve here and have the opportunity to have so many rewarding experiences. May the Lord bless and watch over each and every one of you.

Love Elder Leavitt

PS. Congratulations to our son Glen on his promotion to a permanent position with the Clark County Regional Transportation Center.

Congratulations to our grandchildren on being some of the cutest and smartest the world has ever known.

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