Monday, March 15, 2010

CAMERON 3/15/10

Here is our weekly letter with a couple lovely pictures that Cameron sent to us. He sent a bunch of pictures I will try and get posted on our blog this week. He would love to hear from you, and snail mail is only 97 cents, and makes him feel so important when he goes to the mission home to get his letters. Here is his address again if you need it:

Elder Cameron W. Leavitt
Philippines Angeles Mission
1827 Gumain St. Redwood Villas
Clark Field, Angeles City
209 Pampanga

From: cameron leavitt
Happy Days are here again!

grabi naman. another week is gone. time goes by so fast. its weird cause looking ahead i have a really long time left here but looking back three months went by liquid fast. well this week i had some intersting experiences with some parades. parades here happen all the time. so seeing one is no big deal. but this week i happened to see a gay pride parade going down main street of my little town here.
it was pretty disgusting. one of the grossest ones came up to my companion and asked for money. they were trying to get money thats why they had a parade. EWWWW. any way this week is also the fiesta in my town. they had four parades yesterday. and since
my house is on the main street of the town i heard them all. the earliest one was at 5. AM yeah i was angry when i was awoken by the sounds of horns and drums that early in the morning. i was more angry when another one went by the house at 6. i just wonder if they could have coordinated this a little better. the next one was at 9 and blocked off traffic to the church so my church that is supposed to start at ten started at like 10 15 because nobody could get there. it was rather funny but not at the same time cause we had to scramble to get things ready for the sacrement Meeting. well i had some really great lessons this week. we started teaching one guy
that his wife is a member and missionaries have been trying to teach to him for 6 years he just hasnt wanted to listen and runs away from the house when he sees
them coming. it is pretty cool that we are teaching him. well this week Elder ko of the seventy is visiting my mission. hopefully we pass cause i think he is going to crack down on us for area book stuff. well love you guys. have fun. also sent a lot of pictures this week.

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