Monday, May 3, 2010


well this week has been pretty sweet. I did something i have been dreading since the day i found out i had to do this in tagalog. I OYM ed. which means i just talked to some one then invited them to hear a message. It stands for Opening Your Mouth. This was the first time i have done it with assitance of my companion. I just found an old lady who was in her yard and walked up to her and started talking. I nearly peed my pants but i did it. It was pretty good. although she didnt want to hear our message. she invited us to her church though. Iglesia ni cristo. If you get a chance to hear about them it is an interesting story. their founder is a convert to the church. any ways i wont go into a lot of detail. Me and my companion have been working really hard on trying to find new investigators lately. If you know anybody that might be interested in hearing about the church and you see the missionaries tell them. It saves us a lot of energy. This area is a harder one for baptisms. Mostly because there are a lot of inactive members here. so we teach our less active members. I have probably told you all of this before so i will tell you something fun. This morning for our p day activity we went out to a river. It was way cool. and it was a way far drive. We went as a zone. we couldnt swim since that isnt allowed but we got our feet wet and watched some kids jump in. I think all of us were pretty jealous. I know i was. But it was still really pretty. I didnt get a lot of pictures but i will send them on down the line. OH another cool experience. we were trying to find someone to teach earlier this week. and we stopped by some less active members house to teach to them but they werent home. So we were just about to walk away when i felt something say we needed to try another member that lived really close to that area. they werent home either but while we were there i saw a young woman. and something told me we needed to talk to her. we waited to see if the member was home for about another minute and lost sight of her. We then went and talked to this one older lady. she said she was busy at the moment but told us to try her daughters house. it was about 10 feet from where we were standing. so we tried there and there was this girl that i had seen earlier. She let us in. We were able to teach her and her husband. They had a new baby and we talked about how families can be together forever. it was a great lesson. well i think there might some big things in store for that family. i will be really excited to see what happens. well my challenge for the week is simple read alma 7:11-13 then ask yourselves what christ did for you. then ask why. If you dont have a book of mormon then there is one online at well i hope all of you are well. loooooove Elder Leavitt

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