Monday, April 26, 2010


Well it was transfers this week for me. I got my first opportunity in four and a half months to go to Angels and do some shopping at every one's favorite mall SM. The inside is cold and looks just like an american mall. It even has a mcdonalds and a pizza hut. oh and a sbarro cause they are everywhere.We get like two hours there to shop and eat lunch but for us it is a pretty big treat. i was not transfering this time but just getting a new companion to take back to my area. My new companion is Elder Penuela. He is from the south island of the philippines which is where all the terrorists live. So people like to talk to him about that. So far things are going great with him. Well. Besides that I was able to be at another baptism this saturday. His name was bro.Sherwin. He is only 14 but he has a good testimony about the truth. I was really happy to see him baptized. I am in a low baptizing area right now because there are so many inactive members here. We split our time about half teaching investigators and about half teaching inactive members. There are over 500 members in the boundaries of my ward and just about 100 are active. Thats pretty hard. But we try our hardest to do the lords work here. there are so many inactive members here because in past years they did not have very strict standards for people to be baptized. One even described it as " we taught them one day and baptized them the next." Well im not saying they were always wrong but they would have made my work alot easier if they had waited. all well i love the members here. They are always nice to us. I am doing really great lately. I have apparently lost a lot of weight. I was talking to a brand new missionary and he said that if ihad not told him he never would have thought that i was fat. I have lost over 6 inches off my waistline. I never knew how much that was. I had a pair of pants made in my first area and she did not finish them before i left there. so two weeks ago i finally got them from another missionary. They were so big that i could not keep them on. I felt like a little kid trying to put on dads pants. i buttoned them and they fell off. Luckilythere is a lady in my ward who can fix them and she was able to get them to a wearable size for me.Thats kinda crazy for me. well I hope all of you guys are doing well. hopefully you guys recognize me when i get back. well This week i would challenge all of you to find some one that needs help and then do it. It can be as small oras big as you want but find someone that you could give a little service for. LOVE YOU!!!!!Elder Leavitt

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