Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CAMERON--life goes on... oh wait it just doesnt ever stop

Well it is the start of another week for me. It is still Sunday for most of you, but it is the end of another 6 week period called a transfer. which means that there are changes in companionships and areas. I will be staying in my area another 6 weeks but I will be getting another companion on Thursday which means that after today I will only have two days left with my current companion. Scary I know but kind of exciting. I have a feeling that the President has something kinda big in store for me and I’m a little nervous. This last week has been a really great one for me. we had the interview for our baptismal candidate and now he will be baptized on this upcoming Saturday. His name is Sherwin. He bore a really sweet testimony about how he knows the truth to us the other day, after we taught to him. Well this week has been one of annoyance for me. It is nearly elections here and for those of you who have ever experienced an election in the Philippines you might know what I am going through. So because some people are pretty poor and can’t afford to watch TV, they strap speakers onto cars and advertise that way. Unfortunately they all feel like putting their name into a song somehow is the best way to campaign. more unfortunately they all use the same song. I’m getting a little tired of hearing the words “I want nobody, nobody but (insert name)" for some reason that song is huge here and now I just can’t stand it anymore. It woke me up at about 6 this morning. Well I’m not sure what else to talk about this week. it seems like almost every week is the same except for whatIi do. sorry its hard to explain. so I’m sorry this is short. but I want all of you to know that I know this is Gods work. that he has given us this wonderful gospel because he loves us. I know that as we follow the gospel and the commandments that God will bless us. We don’t always understand the rules he has given us to live by. Right now I am probably living by a lot more than most of you but I do know they are given for us. I have a challenge for all of you. no matter how many times you have done this before or if you havent then that is even better. but read Moroni chapter 10 verses 3-5. then do it. Pray,. ask if the Book of Mormon is true. That is my challenge for all of you.

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