Monday, April 26, 2010


Mom (Marjorie) passed away Saturday, April 17, in the early afternoon. Although it is always hard, it's also a blessing because she had been going slowly downhill this last year. She had been doing pretty well until she fell and broke her wrist in July. Then she had lots of recuperation with that, do okay for a while, have an infection, do okay, have an infection or slight fall and then be petrified that she would fall again. Around September we put her in an adult foster care home. A caregive with a maximum of 5 people to take care of. She continued pretty much the same way, and with every setback the dementia (which they called mental impairment) would get worse.

She did pretty well for a while over Christmas but right after acted like she had an infection and just couldn't get up out of bed. When it was evident she was going to be bedridden, we knew she needed more care. So we started looking and they put her on hospice at that time. Just decline -- no disease involved. We moved her to a care home with 4 people that specialized in hospice care.

So we knew we were near the end just not when. Her passing was quiet and peaceful.

I had promised she would be buried next to Dad in Las Vegas so we have been trying to work out the particulars. It will be:

Saturday, May 1st, 2010
12 noon-funeral
10a.m. to Noon -- visitation and viewing.
Bunker Brothers Mortuary, 925 Las Vegas Boulevard North.
burial will following about 1:30 or so at Davis Funeral Home and Memorial Park (previously Paradise Memorial Garden) on South Eastern).

Thank you so much for letting the family know.

Love you, Karen Powell

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