Tuesday, April 6, 2010


well hello there again. seems like every week is going by even faster. sometimes i have no idea what to talk about. Funny enough that happens to be the case today. Well
i will tell you about probably the highlight of the week. It was friday night. That means that here it was holy Friday which is kind of a big deal in these parts. I saw
several processions with their.... I cant remember the real english word so i will say dolls. but they marched down the street to the church carrying all of the "dolls"
representing saints and of course Jesus christ. Well later that night we were at our investigators house. We decided to try a different approach so we watched. Joseph
Smith Prophet Of the Restoration. Well it was a pretty spiritual watching. And at the end my companion couldnt even talk so I had to go on and talk about what we just saw and what we were feeling. I think i did a pretty good job. I talked to them And explained to them that what they were feeling was the spirit and that it was testifying to them of the truth. also mentioned the upcoming conference which has not yet happened here. Well i was talking to them for about 15 minutes. which that right there is note worthy it means that i have come a long way to be able to talk for 15 minutes straight in a different language. well by that time my companion was
able to speak again. And he also bore testimony. It was just such a spiritually powerful appointment. If you have not watched it lately or have never seen that movie i would recommend it to you. Well the good news is that those investigators after over two months of promising finally came to church yesterday. It was really good seeing them there and they even brought a friend. We were able to set a Baptismal Goal Date for them. If they continue to come to church It should be in May. It is usually hardest to get some one to come the first time. so I really have a lot of hope for these investigators. We asked them yesterday what was their favorite thing that we have shared and they said The lesson about the gospel of jesus christ. or the first five prinicples of the gospel of jesus christ. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. I think they have a really strong tesitmony about the gospel. Well for the rest of my doings for the week. I have continued to be sick although it is starting to get
better and hopefully I will be back at full activity by next week. I have heard that Conference was pretty amazing as usual. and i will hopefully be able to give you my
thoughts next week. well i love you all.

Elder Cameron Leavitt

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