Monday, January 11, 2010


wow this was a crazy week. On tuesday i went on companion exchanges and had to go into concepcion. I met a little girl who was five and spoke only english even though she is from here. she is really good at english too. the next day my temporary companion and i went to our district meeting where i thought i would be able to return home but of course i was suprised by the news that i was doing exchanges with the zone leaders that day. Yay! I love surprises. and of course i had only brought enough clothes for one day. luckily my real companion had brought clothes for me. so thursday i finally got to go home. it felt fantastic to be in my own bed again. then saturday we had my first baptism. which was just crazy. everything kinda fell apart and we had to try to glue it back together again. first we were supposed to have one of the ward members baptized as well as our three converts but the bishop hadnt interviewed him yet. and then we found out that the bishop isnt coming. so he wasnt baptized. then we didnt have any baptisimal clothes for the two little girls that were being baptized. so we had to find some clothes for them. then the office couple for our mission decided to show up cause they go to baptisms on saturdays. But we did get the padilla family baptized and confirmed this week and i am super excited for them. and with all this we still managed to have a really good week teaching and got sister neneng ochoa to commit to be baptized. Her daughter paula is the one that approached us to have us teach her if i told you about her. if not she approached us to have us teach her because she wanted to know about our church and who we were. well the good work is continuing here. i am loving life here. we did a service project this week and ill have to get you some pictures. we dug a hole for a bathroom. all we had was a pry bar to break up the dirt and a nearly rusted through shovel. really the shovel had holes in it. it was a great time though. i guess when you are in the service of your fellow man you are only in the service of your god right? he is definitely blessing me in this work. i am even starting to get better at tagalog. i surprised myself several times this week with how much i was able to say in our teaching and then again in just normal conversation. but with god anything is possible so i can do this. love you all.

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