Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hello again in 2010,

This has been another busy work week here at the Cove. Sister Leavitt has been booking treks like crazy for 2012, and I have been busy getting the wood shop ready for next season. In the last month or so the missionaries have painted the ceiling, walls, floors, and all the shelves in the wood shop. We have reorganized all the tools, and supplies, so as to make it a lot more user friendly. We have also set it up so that vacuums can be attached to all the machines which
will allow it to be kept much cleaner and have less sawdust flying around. Now if we can train
the missionaries to clean up after themselves, it might stay that way. Its amazing how much brighter it looks with all the new paint. The ceiling had gotten so dusty that it looked like it was painted brown.

Elder Freeman and I have also built another Bench for the Martin Cabin and are raising up two of the benches up to make it easier for adults to sit on them. I am also currently working on an entrance arch for Prairie Park with the name on top so it can easily be recognized. We are also in the planning stages to expand the Humanitarian Center and also add some restrooms on the end of the expansion to accommodate the Center and also the Chapel. With some extra money we were given in our budget we have purchased a lot of new tools and equipment. Some that I requested, (that I wish we had last year) were a portable cut-off saw, a slope laser and a magnetic underground locator, (which will locate buried metal and electrical lines.) But, at least we have them to use for this year.

The cold weather has not been nearly as hard to take as I had imagined it would, that's even
considering we had one night this week at -37 or -41 degrees with the wind chill. We haven't had much snow so far, and what we have had blows by so fast it ends up in Casper. For you missionaries sweltering in the heat down in the Yuma area, eat your hearts out!

The Freemans talked in church today and they were very inspirational. Sister Freeman talked about our mission goals, which are Faith, Obedience, Sacrifice and Charity. Elder Freeman referenced a talk given by J. Rueben Clark Jr. given in 1947 about the pioneers crossing the plains titled the Last Wagon.

We sure miss all of you, especially our beautiful grandchildren, and hope that some of you can come to visit us over the next year. We look forward to the return of our veteran and new missionaries this year and are excited about all the fun and spiritual experiences we'll have together.

A special thanks goes out to our daughter-in- law Becky for making a book of all our emails. To Jo Clow for sending us that great video of the BYU football team honoring the Air Force Cadets before their game. And all of you for keeping in touch with your emails. Some of them are
amazing! To our grandkids, thanks for your cards and letters, especially for your hand drawn
pictures, they are priceless.

Love you all, Elder Leavitt

Hi everyone -- I've started keeping a daily journal to help me remember what goes on day-to-day. Our days fall into a routine so it's easy to forget what happened during the week when we sit down to write our weekly email.

First of all I want to apologize to those who email us and we don't respond -- the problem is that our computer only works intermittently. I've had to resort to snail mail in a couple of instances as I just couldn't get the computer to work when I had the time to sit down and email someone. Speaking of computers, one of the trek-scheduling computers "crashed" this week and had to be sent to Salt Lake to be rebuilt. (We've been booking so many treks we burned up the computer :) Seriously, it somehow got a virus and just crashed.) So, being down one computer (until it gets fixed) will keep me busy in other areas than in the office.

Elder Leavitt mentioned the low temp we had -- it didn't last long, but it was kind of exciting to see the thermometer that low.

Another thing I must mention - especially to Missionaries who have been here -- most of us ladies shop at the same clothing store in Casper -- as is has fairly fashionable clothes that are
suitable for Missionaries. Well, it was bound to happen -- Sister Hardy and I showed up the other day wearing the exact same outfit -- I now call it our uniform :) Of course, we all ran for our cameras, so I have attached that picture.

I echo Charlie's remarks about Elder and Sister Freeman's talks -- they were so inspirational and have us fired up to get going for the new trek season.

All is well in the "high plains of Wyoming".

We love and miss you all,


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