Friday, January 29, 2010


Dear Family and Friends,

It's been a pretty normal week here at the Cove. I have been hauling gravel to the Cherry Creek Campground all week and probably would have competed the job in three or four days, but on Saturday I had a flat on the dump truck, so getting it repaired will probably set me back a few days. The weather has been pretty mild (with the exception of the wind) for most of the week. We were supposed to get a snow storm on Saturday and Sunday but it didn't materialize. It looks like Utah and Colorado got the brunt of the storm. From the weather reports it looks like California, Nevada and Arizona have been inundated with rain. I guess we are lucky to be residing in a state that has such a temperate climate, Ha, Ha.
At church today we had a member of the Casper Stake High Council speak to us, as well as four teenagers who had previously taken treks. The youth told us about their experiences and how the trek had such a positive effect on their lives and had given them a better appreciation of their pioneer ancestors. The High Counselor talked about his mission experience in England. He told about one of his experiences when he and his companion befriended an older couple who belonged to the Church of England, even though this couple had no desire to hear about our religion, they really enjoyed visiting with the missionaries whenever they would stop by. Their neighbors and church friends warned them to stay away from the Mormons, but they continued to have them over. To make a long story short the man who was totally blind finally felt the spirit and wanted to find out more about the Book of Mormon. Because he obviously could not read the missionaries provided him with the book on tapes. Sadly, the High Counselor was transferred to another area before he could know the end of the story. But, as missionaries we are very familiar with the Holy Spirit and how it can change hearts and improve lives. We see it everyday during the trek season and feel It's presence in all that we do. I can personally testify of this feeling from past experience! Before the the Lord intervened and the Holy Spirit touched my heart, my life was in total chaos. Since I accepted the Lord as my Savior and have tried to live by his gospel, my life has just continually gotten better. It's gives me a great feeling of peace to know "where I came from, why I'm here, and where I am going from here". I know through the Atonement of Jesus Christ that my sins can be forgiven and that I can move forward with hands and heart washed clean by His atoning sacrifice. Sorry to preach, but I feel great about the Plan of Salvation, and the fact that all mankind, no matter what our religious beliefs might be, we will all be resurrected and live again. And more importantly, the blessing that families faithfully living the true gospel of Jesus Christ, are given the opportunity to be sealed together forever. I can't think of a better message than that.

We love you all,
Elder Leavitt

Hi everyone -- a beautiful message from Elder Leavitt.

I have a couple of things to report this week. Last Monday, which was the Martin Luther King holiday, we had a Young Single Adult Ward from Riverton, Wyoming come to visit. I was assigned to the Visitor's Center so I have the privilege of telling these wonderful young people the story of the Martin Handcart Company. It was a very special experience for me. Then, most of them hiked to the Cove -- it was a very cold, blustery day so it took some grit to do it, but they did.
On Wednesday evenings, the women here get together to make items for humanitarian purposes. Currently, we are making dolls. I have discovered I can stuff dolls, so I'm attaching a picture of me stuffing dolls (the Bevans will love my sweatshirt) and another picture of the interior of the Humanitarian Center with some of the other women who are living here this winter.
A cute story -- my sisters have been so good to call me and if you know the "Rowland Girls" -- we can talk ! My sister Kathy called the other night and we ran the battery down on our land-based phone so I got on my cell phone until that battery went dead :) We talked for a grand total of 2 1/2 hours !!
We enjoyed the company of Mo and Barbara Campbell, my brother-in-law and his wife, who stopped by to see us as they were traveling from Sheridan to California to celebrate Mo's 80th birthday. It was great to see them and I'm grateful that they were able to dodge the awful weather between Wyoming and CA.
That's it for this week -- thanks, everyone for staying in touch.

Love, Peggy

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