Monday, June 21, 2010


well Hello again. It has been another great week here in well wherever you are. It has been a great. So i have to tell you guys about this funny story that happened last monday at a family home evening we had. so we got there and i had never met the family before because we were having one at a different ward. so we get there and there was 3 boys maybe 6 10 and 12 of age. they had no idea that i could speak tagalog so we convinced them that i couldnt. we spent like 30 minutes getting a pretty secure case they thought i couldnt speak a lick. then it was announced that i would be giving the lesson. Which was planned. so when i got to the lesson i said well im sorry that i dont speak tagalog very well so pray for me. Then i went into a lesson in all tagalog. the kids were amazed. the middle one about ten was just sitting there with his mouth open the whole time. the oldest one was laughing and the youngest one just looked so confused. it was way funny. But thats what we are supposed to do. The gospel isnt about boredom. It is supposed to bring joy to us. so why not make it fun right? well this week has been pretty good. We moved our house which makes 2 houses that i have moved since i got the philippines. we are now living next to a gas station about 100 yards from my old house. We just carried all of our stuff down the street. It must have been pretty funny watching us carry all of that stuff down the street. Our new house is actually pretty nice and a way cool part is that we are hooked up to the generator if there is a power outage. which are very frequent here. Other than that i have been really happy that our work is picking up here again. People are listening to the message again. Im really happy we struggled for a long time here in my area but we are finally getting back to where we can just work. YAY!!! it is so hard to have to find people all day. well i love you all. keep on keeping on.

Love Elder Leavitt

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