Monday, June 21, 2010


Happy Father's Day Family and Friends!

There's a saying that goes. " Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a DAD". I have been a father for a long time, but hopefully I have evolved or at least am evolving into being a dad. It a great blessing and privilege to have children and to be involved in their lives and to watch them grow, learn, and develop their own personalities and become the individuals that will reach their full potential while becoming productive members of society. I truly believe that if they rely on the Lord and do all they can to serve Him that there is no way they can fail.

Well, this has been a hectic and busy week! It started out with thousands of trekkers being caught in a storm of epic proportions, which included 60 mile an hour winds, lighting, and a torrential downpour. Tents were blown down or blown completely away and everyone was soaked clear to the bone. To help some who were suffering from near hypothermia we allowed them to sleep in the barn. As mere mortals we could not imagine how this could be a good experience for them, but all the reports we got back, told us that it just what they needed to give them a greater appreciation of the pioneers and what they had to suffer through. We were told that most of them would go through it in a heart beat to have the great spiritual experience it provided. That is one of the common threads here at Martin's Cove, which is the opportunities for these youth to have life changing experiences that are found in fair weather or foul.

I am still busy grading roads, helping with the building projects and serving on the posts. The river reached it's peak runoff this week and the lower part of the site was underwater. This caused a spectacular water fall down at the dam below Pathfinder reservoir. Sister Leavitt and I drove down and took some pictures. It reminded us of our second date back in 1983 when Hoover dam was going over the spillways. We also were able to attend the National Collegiate Rodeo which is held every summer in Casper. These are the best of the best rodeo competitors. Great fun! We also had a Dutch over cobbler cook-off out at missionary village today. With the peach, cherry, apple, and chocolate-cherry cobblers, it just doesn't get any better than that. Sister Leavitt and I don't cook with Dutch ovens, but we sure do make little pigs out of ourselves to make up for it.

This week we also had a much anticipated visit from our dear friends Ross and Susan Johnson who were returning from their mission in Ohio. It was a great treat to have them here for a couple of days. The weather wasn't that great, but we were able to continue our canasta competition which has been going on for many years. We men, of course, continued our winning tradition, with one or two exceptions. We are jealous that the Johnsons will be so far ahead of us in golf practice, before we return to Boulder City, that we will never be able to catch up.

Life is still good here at the Cove and the weather is starting to get nice and warming up into the high 70's and 80's. We love you all and appreciate your emails and prayers.

Elder Leavitt

Hi everyone -- as usual, Elder Leavitt has done a great job of summarizing the last 2 weeks.

We were so disappointed that the weather was awful when the Johnsons were here. We were unable to do any of the things we had planned for when they were here. However, they were still able to feel the great Spirit that is here and to learn about our heroes -- the handcart pioneers. It was wonderful seeing them and to hear about the marvelous experiences they had on their Mission.

The morning they left the weather warmed up and it has been quite beautiful, by Wyoming standards.

We finished the 2 busiest weeks of the season in fine style. I worried and prayed about it for weeks but the Missionaries were amazing and we hosted and served the 1000's of trekkers we had visiting us and it really was quite remarkable how everything fell into place. Another factor was that the worst weather we have had was during this busy time, and everyone -- Missionaries and trekkers -- turned it into a positive experience. I don't have time today, but next email, I will send you a quote from one of the trekkers who was here.

Love and prayers to you all,

Sister Leavitt

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