Monday, June 28, 2010


So yeah time does fly by. I feel like Monday was two days ago. I saw the pictures from your party and that looks pretty fun. oh i also saw the pictures on the blog of you guys at the temple and Dad and Courtney are both looking pretty good. Like they have lost some weight. Well I have lost some more too. I haven’t felt sick for a while which is really good for me. I think taking soda out of my diet was a big part. Well. So this week I learned a ton about faith from some investigators of ours. They are still pretty new. Well one day when we went over there and the mom was sick so we offered a priesthood blessing and explained it worked based on faith. She accepted and the next time she was all smiles for us. Before that she had been kind of shy to us. The dad there is even more amazing to me. We committed them to come to church Saturday night and then Sunday he was there even though he had to cancel some work he had. The mom had to take care of the sick daughter but the dad came because we promised him he would be blessed for coming to church and he wanted the blessings. Well that taught me a lot about faith. I could definitely show more faith like them. We have a lot promised blessings and why shouldn’t we collect on them. We just have to show our faith by doing what is right now even though we can’t see immediate results. Well besides that just had a good week. We helped some people move some dirt into their house so it doesn’t flood. (they have dirt floors) so now their house is a little higher than the dirt around it. oh and big improvement in my tagalog this week. i don’t know why i just felt something new this week. Lord works in mysterious ways. well thanks for all the support. oh and the challenge for the week cause i am forgetting sometimes is to have family prayer this week. This really is a tool that the lord has given us to combat Satan. He is attacking the family and we need to become closer as families to overcome his attacks. this will help up be closer.

love you. Elder Cameron Leavitt

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