Monday, June 7, 2010


Hello again everyone!

Busy,busy,busy! That's the word for the week. We are going like a house afire try to get all our little projects finished before we are inundated with trekkers. We have the Humanitarian Center expansion to finish, the Pavilion expansion to finish, the Cherry Creek restroom to finish, and we also have more handcarts to make because the 180 we have is not enough for all the extra trekkers coming this season. I still have to finish fine grading the entrance road in preparation for paving hopefully this month. I just finished rip-rapping (placing large rocks) the river bank where the high water was washing it out in the location where we do baptisms. Some of the rocks I placed along the bank weighed nearly 5000 pounds and nearly tipped the backhoe over. I don't think the river will move them. We're excited to see the trek groups starting to come in, but this next week we will have over 2000 so we are going to be as busy cats in a room full of mice. It was great to see the 12 week missionaries come in this last week as they will be a great help to the cause. It's a rewarding experience to see the Lord's hand in this mission and see how he can make sense and beauty and actually gets meaningful results out of the chaos which could be caused by a bunch of old people. We may be over the hill, but that only means we are picking up speed!

We had Stake Conference this Saturday and Sunday and it was another spiritual feast. Our Casper Stake President is one of the most spiritual and articulate men I have ever had the privilege of listening to. I find it amazing that no matter where you go in the world there are people who are so well educated and intelligent and are willing to share their talents and abilities and give countless hours to serving the Lord without receiving one penny for their service. I also feel privileged to be one of the thousands of senior missionaries throughout the world, who are giving of their time and talents in serve the Lord at our own expense. I have heard it said that the value of our (all senior missionaries) combined donated work, if paid for, would cost about $500,000,000.00 per year. But, my real truth is, that I could work and serve the Lord from morning to night the rest of my life and not put a dent in what I owe Him for his blessings. I have learned the hard way that we cannot find peace, joy or happiness in this mortal life without receiving those blessings which He gives freely to those who strive to keep His commandments, and follow His teachings. And that's an eternal truth.

Well, we miss you our dear family and friends and look forward to reuniting with you in the fall.

Elder Leavitt

Hi everyone -- I had my part of the email done and the computer "crashed" and I lost all that I had written. So, I'm not going to write much as I don't want to do it again. I didn't have much to add to Elder Leavitt's email anyway.

I am attaching a picture of Elder Leavitt putting the last truss on the Humanitarian Center. He had quite a crowd out there admiring his skill with the backhoe -- notice the backhoe up in the air.

As he stated we have the busiest week of the summer coming up. We'd appreciate your prayers that despite this hectic time the trekkers feel the Spirit of this sacred site and that their lives are changed for having become acquainted with these heroic pioneers.

We are so excited that we'll be seeing Ross and Susan in a couple of days. When we visited them in Ohio we were blessed w/ gorgeous weather and brilliant fall colors. It will be cold and chilly here but we have baby antelope :)

Until next week -- we love you and you're in our prayers,

Sister Leavitt

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